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As you are here, we hope that you might have heard of the term Crypto and the buzz surrounded it in recent years. Crypto boom has taken up the world like a storm, and everyone is after it.

Some smart geeks who forecasted this boom emerged as modern-day Billionaires.  It all started with BitCoin and Blockchain technology and ever since its real power is realised the market is flooded with several other Cryptocurrencies.

This craze spread like a wildfire, and everyone started to invest in Cryptocurrencies. Only a few people mastered the art of Crypto trading and reaped huge profits. Not everyone is equipped with the right knowledge. There are many amateurs and beginners who are looking to enter the world of Crypto.

But the problem there isn’t any source for them to guide them in a righteous manner and educate them about Cryptocurrencies and the buzz around it. We thought of addressing this problem, and this is how FossCoin was born.

We are a team of young Crypto geeks 🤓🤓🤓 who are passionate about Cryptocurrencies and its underlying technologies. Ever since the Crypto storm has taken the world, we also got caught up in it.

To be honest, when we started a few years back we are not much aware of this entire alien tech, we even lost a few bucks 😔 by investing in Bitcoin(BTC) and other coins, while learning about this. There aren’t many resources available at that time.

But over the time we explored more about this magical stuff with the help of various mediums that include YouTube, Reddit, Blogs, and various social communication channels on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord.

Today we are at a stage where we can at least help beginners who are aspiring to enter this Crypto game. We can help Crypto noobs about various basics like How to Buy Cryptocurrencies, How to Trade them, terms involved with Crypto, How to use exchanges and a bit more.

As we are passionate writers, we thought of sharing this knowledge with you and made Fosscoin as a venue to share all the information related to Crypto world.

At Fosscoin, you can find various resources, Handy Guides, Quick lists and suggestions all related to Cryptocurrencies. We will add more topics soon and wish to make it a valuable platform for beginners.

As Fosscoin was designed to be beginner friendly, all the articles and resources that will be posted here will also be newbie friendly so that anyone can read and understand.

However, before using FossCoin, Please read the following points, and these are some of the precautions:

  1. The articles on FossCoin are just for Informational purposes. Please don’t take them as Investment advice.
  2. FossCoin is not asking you to invest in Crypto.
  3. FossCoin is never liable for any losses.
  4. All the opinions posted on this blog are our own.

You can read more in our Terms Of Use page. Since the Crypto trade is associated with money it involves risks, so we are mentioning the details in beforehand. Kindly co-operate with us. We hope you consider these terms positively and benefit from us.

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Disclaimer: Trading in cryptocurrencies are subject to market, technical and legal risks. The prices fluctuate based on local demand and supply.